Friday, April 13, 2007

Technology at its finest, or maybe its worst

If you look up ridiculous in the dictionary, it should say "see also, this." A genuine Fender Telecaster with an integrated Hewlett Packard tablet laptop. The pickups are routed directly into the computer for direct recording. This thing is pure insanity. And I thought the Line 6 stuff was getting bad!

They advertise the ability to plug straight into the PA when playing live. Right. I'm sure that the computer can easily replace my tweed Fender tube amp. I'm also sure that the big computer screen resonates every bit as well as a high grade ash or alder body. I'll definitely be rushing out to track this thing down to replace my tele. And then I'll ice skate in hell.

1 comment:

k26 said...

not to be used when wearing large metal belt buckles.
Also many apple users will probably do a pete townsend on it after 5 minutes. i guess its some kind of progress tho . in the 60's jimi hendrix set fire to a fender ,
With this one you can overload the cpu and it will set fire to itself.