Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Hellecasters

If you are interested to hear what a Telecaster is capable of (three Telecasters, technically) check out The Hellecasters, if you haven't already. This three-guitar supergroup is composed of Will Ray, John Jorgenson, and Jerry Donahue.

These guys cover many styles, from rock to jazz to traditional country (not that any of thier guitar playing could ever be called traditional.) In terms of technique, I have never heard a band with this caliber of guitar ability. They are simply amazing. Musically, you can decide for yourself, but in terms of pure technical ability, these guys are pretty much untouchable as a trio.

Ray and Jorgenson come up with some pretty twisted stuff. If you want to hear two-hand tapping in a traditional country tune, or a way-outside-the-box modal line in a rock context, you will hear it here. Their chops are approaching the supernatural, with things such as banjo-roll style cascades (together, in harmony mind you) at ridiculous tempos. Your mind will be officially blown, trust me.

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