Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Hipshot benders

Here's a fairly cheap and easy way to get into a bender-equipped tele. Have one of these installed by someone qualified (yourself if that's the case) and you're on your way for less than 300 bucks. This unit has a B-bender that is activated by a hip lever, a G-bender you run with your palm, and a lever that gives you instant and accurate drop-D tuning.

To be honest, I have never used one of these units. I like the strap activated benders, and bought a McVay. However, a lot of players really like Hipshots, and Will Ray uses them exclusively.

They are less invasive to install than most internal benders, and their installation is basically reversible (as long as you're careful) in the event that you do not like it. They are a bit ugly from the front, in my opinion, but are supposedly very functional and accurate.

If you want a tele with a bender (Hipshots can be installed on other models as well, but this is no place to discuss such ridiculousness) but are suffering from sticker shock, give a Hipshot a try.

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